Audio Sermons
We create a master CD of all sermons at Faith Christian Center. Audio CDs are available to order for a $3 donation. Order online using the donation form to the right or see staff in the sound booth to get your copy. CD orders will be available the following Sunday from the date of the request. Please pick up CD orders at the Welcome Center in the foyer. 

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Did you learn something that impacted your life or want to send someone an encouraging message? Well you can donate below to purchase a CD.


November 2017

You are Worth it

October 2017

Love the Church

Unity and Fellowship

Woman at the Well

What Does Jesus Look Like (Part 5)

September 2017

What does Jesus Look Like (Part 4)

Special Speaker Evangelist Danny Johnston 2017

What does Jesus Look Like (Part 3)

Special Speaker Dr. Mark Barclay 2017

What does Jesus Look Like (Part 2)