October 2020

Stand Boldly with God

September 2020

God’s Blueprint for Life 2020 (Part 1)

Pastors Jan and Debbie Moore 2020

Discern the Truth

This message is related to the message preached earlier last month about Staying Christian when you Vote. In the message Pastor Joe Kilcoyne will reference a video clip from YouTube. You can find the video played during the mid-week class linked below.   Video: https://youtu.be/xGJSEoirF90

Don’t Revert Back

Uncommon Obedience Creates Uncommon Favor

Voting and Staying Christian

A message on how to go into the voting booth and stay true to Jesus. Within the message, a website is referenced. You will find that and also the video we played linked below and labeled appropriately.   Website: https://www.issues4life.org/   Video: https://issues4life.org/video/epidemic.mp4

A Sudden Good Break

August 2020

Spirit of Revival

The Heart of a Christian